Children & Divorce

Divorce can create ex­-spouses, but it never creates ex-­parents. In maintaining the best interests of the children and minimizing any negative impact, it is always helpful to have a clear view of the process itself and the requirements it takes.

At Roman-­Lagunas & Wheeler, we work hard to ensure you have a clear view at all times, operating with common sense always to boost your sense of control and confidence. We help you take control of the custody process by seeking the outcome you want and working toward it purposefully together. It is common for parents in the middle of custody litigation to view the process as a rigid, standard procedure that’s just handed to them by the State of Indiana, and in ways, strips them of any control. The reality is quite different. Custody is not set in stone. There really is room to seek alternate arrangements that fit your family best.

We help give you confidence throughout the process, leveraging our knowledge of Indiana family law to strive always – and vigorously – to achieve your goals. Every case is as unique as the families they affect, but there are common steps in each. We know the steps. We’ll move through them with transparency, regular communication, and a clear, practical plan that we execute together.

We’ll work with common sense to make the process as swift as possible.

For example, several courts throughout Indiana require both parents in a divorce (or paternity) case to attend a co­parenting seminar. On many occasions, a court will not grant a divorce until this requirement has been satisfied by both parties. (In fact, the court may hold the non-complying party in contempt.) A thorough legal team will tell you up front if a co­-parenting class is required in your county and provide you with the class schedule. This way, there are no surprises.

Long experience confirms that children and their parents cope with divorce and separation in different ways. For the parents, it is crucial to make this major transition as smooth as possible for both the children and each other. Forming a positive relationship with the other parent, for the express benefit of the children, should be a goal for all parents. To help achieve that goal at this most difficult time, it is imperative to have some specific guidance and support. Below are links to informative resources for parents and families going through a divorce or separation:

  • Up to Parents –­ A free, confidential, and interactive website for divorcing and divorced parents.
  • Proud to Parent – A free online resource for parents who have never been legally married to each other.
  • Our Family Wizard – Online co­parenting tools to help share scheduling and other key information.

If you and your spouse are divorcing and any children of your marriage are still minors (they are under 18 years of age) then custody of these children, support and visitation are very important issues that will need to be decided. You can learn more about the Custody, Support and Visitation laws in Indiana through following the links below: