Establishing Child Support in Indiana

Parents should fulfill their role, to the best of their ability, to support their children financially.

Next to the emotional anxiety surrounding custody issues, child support is another major concern for parents going through a divorce. “Will I be able to manage financially?” “Will my former ­spouse do their fair share?” “Will I be left to pay for everything?” These are common questions and expected doubts. Replacing them with a clear view of the law is fundamental to re-establishing confidence and control for the next phase of your life. So, how does the law work?

It is vital to understand that neither parent is “automatically excused” of child support responsibilities. In reality, the State of Indiana places a duty on both parents to financially support their children.

How is “support” measured?

The Indiana Child Support Guidelines base child support on the standard of living each child would have enjoyed had the parents not lived apart. In addition, the Guidelines consider the financial resources and needs of the parents, the physical or mental condition of the child, and the child’s educational needs. That’s the legal framework. How does this result in support figures for both parents? Again, there is no “mystery”, and there will be no decisions taken without all the facts.

The State of Indiana has a Child Support Calculator for parents to estimate child support. You will need to know the gross weekly income of each parent, the number of children each parent has that are younger than your child in common (“subsequent-­born children”), the amount of child support orders already in place for prior­-born children, the portion of the child’s weekly health insurance premiums only, the weekly work­-related childcare costs, and the annual number of overnights for each parent. Roman­-Lagunas & Wheeler attorneys will ensure that all financial information is exchanged and obtained in order to calculate estimated child support figures for you, and pursue a fair and expected outcome in your case.

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