Estate Planning in Indiana

Establishing a solid estate plan and planning for future incapacity are important considerations for any individual or family.  With proper planning, your estate tax burdens can be reduced and you can ensure your estate is transferred to your intended beneficiaries.  At Roman-Laguans & Wheeler, LLC, we will work diligently with you so you understand your options and we will help fulfill your ultimate objectives through implementing an appropriate estate plan.

What happens Without a Will

In Indiana, if an individual passes away without a will, their estate is transferred through the laws of intestate succession.  This means that their real and personal property is distributed by the courts through statutes that determine who the beneficiaries are.  While intestacy may be an adequate option for many individuals, it can also pose disadvantages to some.  For instance, the statutes may distribute the property to unintended beneficiaries; individuals not related to the deceased will take nothing; and taxes might have been minimized or avoided by taking advantage of tax-saving estate planning techniques.  These are only some of the problems that may exit; therefore, it is recommended to discuss your specific situation further with an attorney.

Establishing your Estate Plan

The process of creating an estate plan can be different in each situation.  It takes, among other things, the consideration of your financial background, your intended beneficiaries, your ultimate objectives, and potential tax issues.  A typical estate plan can include a Last Will and Testament, Trust Agreement, Quitclaim Deeds, Durable Power of Attorney, and other Advance Medical Directives such as: Health Care Powers of Attorney and Living Wills.

At Roman-Lagunas & Wheeler, LLC, we will work with you to build an appropriate estate plan to meet your needs whether you are just beginning to build your assets, or need to protect the wealth that you have accumulated over a lifetime.

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