Guardianships in Indiana

When a child’s parents are not able to take care of their child, a third party may step in and ask for guardianship over the child. This is typically common with the child’s grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members, but the guardian does not have to be related to the child. Indiana law prefers that a child live with his or her parents over a grandparent or other third party, but it may be in the child’s best interests to live primarily with a grandparent or other third party.

The guardian will basically have all the authority a parent would have on the upbringing of the child. They will make all major decisions regarding the child’s education, medical treatment and religious upbringing. The parents may still be able to see the child if the court finds that parenting time would benefit the child and not physically or emotionally endanger the child.

At any time during the guardianship, a parent can request the guardianship be terminated and the child return to the parent’s care.

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