JP Roman-Lagunas featured in Valparaiso Law School Annual Review

Juan Pablo (JP) Roman Lagunas, JD '09JP Roman was recently recognized as a featured Alumni in Valparaiso Law School’s Annual Review publication. You can read the article below to learn more about JP’s calling to the criminal defense bar and what he is doing today as he is building an Indianapolis firm.

The Text of the Article:

Juan Pablo (J.P.) Roman Lagunas, JD ’09

As the son of two socially conscious liberal arts professors, J.P. Roman-Lagunas was encouraged to choose a career that would enable him to make a difference and that would require a terminal degree. After years of traveling and living abroad exposed him to the plights of underprivileged people, he chose law because it’s “the only profession where you can make a living rabble-rousing authority while also serving society and helping others.”

Roman-Lagunas entered Valparaiso Law in 2006 as as self-described “adverb-and adjective-friendly guy” whose career benefited greatly from the school’s legal writing program. He places equally high value on everything he learned in evidence class, which “hands down contributed more than anything else to [his] ability as a lawyer.” As a certified legal intern working for the Merrillville, IN firm Thiros & Stracci, PC, he served as second chair on two jury trials, and participated in the Valparaiso Law Criminal Clinic – an experience he believes every law school student should have.

Following graduation, Roman-Lagunas spent four years sharpening his trial skills as a lawyer for the Marion County Public Defender agency in Indianapolis. In this capacity he handled thousands of cases and hundreds of trails. He earned a reputation as a strong litigator and compassionate advocate for indigent persons facing major felony charges. As a part of his work in the major felony narcotics division, he and his colleagues helped compile information and worked with lobbyists and attorneys to contribute to the recent overhaul of the Criminal Code’s drug sentencing laws.

On January 1, 2014, Roman-Lagunas left the public sector to start his own firm. His rapidly growing practice has quickly expanded from a criminal defense boutique to a multifaceted firm that practice in various areas of the law. Remaining true to his social consciousness, eh still takes on major felony drug cases for the indigent as a contractor fo the Marion County Public Defender Agency.

Roman-Lagunas and his wife Rachel have one son and live in Indianapolis. He enjoys networking with young Valparaiso Law alumni and is also receptive to interviewing current students for internships or graduates for a position at his firm.