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Roman­-Lagunas & Wheeler, LLC
Ready for What’s Next

Our attorneys are equipped to handle all aspects of case preparation, management and execution. Whether you are facing criminal charges or going through a divorce, we can assist you with a wide range of legal issues and challenges. We will start by meeting with you to thoroughly understand your unique situation, then provide you with a case plan moving forward.  We will work by your side until there is a final resolution in your case.

Our focus is very clear. From the moment you engage us, we will:

Help you restore control over what is happening because we understand the legal process and know how the system works.  We guarantee that when you are at your worst, we will strive to be at our best. One of our main goals is to put you back in the driver’s seat of your case so you regain control over your situation. And this is not just a “situation”; this is your life.

Boost your confidence by providing you with a proven, reliable and professional service. A service that always treats you in a respectful, concerned and committed manner, whatever the outcome. A service that keeps you in constant touch with your case, accessing documents and routing any questions you have, via our secure client log­-in facility.

Act with common sense while working with you to apply the law expertly and rationally in pursuit of the best possible outcomes.

Control. Confidence. Common Sense. These are our values. You can be sure that, together, we’re always Ready for What’s Next.

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