Property Division In An Indiana Divorce

A key area contributing to the sense of loss of control in any divorce is Property Division. Who ultimately gets what can seriously impact your financial situation, place of residence and other important aspects of your style of life. Roman-­Lagunas & Wheeler will help restore your feeling of control through a common sense approach that makes the law clear and will work hard for the best achievable outcome for you.

Growing confidence starts with some understanding of the legal rules. In the State of Indiana, the court will divide all property of the parties. It doesn’t matter whether any property was owned by either spouse before the marriage, acquired by only one spouse during the marriage, or acquired jointly by both spouses. There is a presumption – a working approach taken by the court -­ that all property division will be equal, split down the middle 50/50.

But, once again, this does not mean your property is automatically divided and out of your control. In legal terms, the 50/50 split may be rebutted if an equal division would not be just and reasonable. You can be confident that we will work with you to identify clearly, and then strongly communicate to the court, any reason why the property should be divided differently than a straight split.

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